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PROtalk: 10 Tips for a Great CRF Attachment F

In this PROtalk, Policy Analyst Nate Halubka reviews the CRF Attachment F form, the form to help close out funds, and provides tips for submitting a comprehensive summary of funds utilizing the Attachment F form.

You can also view the CRF Close Out infographic for more information.

CRF Close Out Infographic

Coronavirus Relief Funds County Plans

Appropriated Coronavirus Relief Fund Contracting Process

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The life cycle for Coronavirus Relief Funds for Hospitals and Non-Profits appropriated fund by the North Carolina General Assembly is detailed step-by-step below.  Secure portals have been established to ensure information is transmitted safely and securely.  Counties will start at Step 6 since they only needed to apply for the funds.

Receive application from the NC Pandemic Recovery Office.

Submit attachments A-1, A-2, D, E, W-9, and Electronic Payment Request Form to NCPRO.

NCPRO processes documents and sends back contract for electronic signature.

Sign contract electronically. Executed contract is routed back to NCPRO.

NCPRO transfers funds within 10 days after receiving executed contract.

Send proof of use of funds and reimbursement documentation to NCPRO monthly.

Use ALL funds by December 30, 2020 or return unused funds to NCPRO.

Comply with NCPRO Audit requests (before or after December 30, 2020).

An illustrated version of the steps listed above in the same order with the same text for each step