Pandemic Recovery Focus Group Summary


Regional and statewide insights from North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Focus Groups are now available, including regional summaries from 16 groups organized along the boundaries of the Regional Councils of Government

The North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office (NCPRO) is proud to have partnered with the UNC School of Government's ncIMPACT Initiative to conduct this research. We designed the focus groups to offer feedback on past survey results, assess the success of state, local, and federal pandemic-era programs, address top community concerns, and help formulate recommendations for continuing to build resilient communities across the state. Find the full report along with regional focus group summaries to help continue conversations about recovery in your community. 

About the Focus Groups

In February and March 2024, NCPRO and the UNC School of Government’s ncIMPACT Initiative partnered to engage local government, business, and civic leaders in all 100 counties. Sessions were held virtually and in-person, along with six expert interviews. Funding was provided through a grant to the Governor’s Office from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.