North Carolina Business Engagement Survey

About the Survey

The North Carolina Business Engagement Survey aims to collect, measure, and analyze near real-time data on the unique challenges, opportunities, and economic conditions that business leaders are experiencing at the local level. Launched in October 2023 and conducted by researchers at East Carolina University, the survey is sent via email and includes questions on several topics important to a successful business environment, including access to a skilled workforce, infrastructure, and supply chains. Surveys will continue to be sent on a quarterly basis to help measure changes over time and identify regional trends.

The results will also be released quarterly to help guide policymakers, industry groups, and legislators in decision-making, to better support businesses and respond to their evolving needs.

Read the press release about the recent launch of the NC Business Engagement Survey.

How to Join

All North Carolina-based businesses are encouraged to participate. If you would like to learn more or join the survey, please contact NCPRO by sending an email to Kiel Kinkade.

Latest Survey Results

Q4 2023 Survey Results