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Monday, February 19, 2024

Pandemic Recovery Program Helps Teachers Pay and Prep for Licensure Exams Applications remain open for remaining $1 million in financial aid

Feb 19, 2024

A financial relief program that helps cover the cost of state-required teacher license exams has now helped more than 3,500 people on their path to the classroom. The initiative was first launched in June by the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction in partnership with TeachNC, and with oversight from the North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office.

“The exams are hard enough as it is, and we don't want finances to be an additional barrier that gets in the way of getting passionate teachers into classrooms,” says Gabrielle Barnes, Senior Regional Program Manager for TeachNC.

The initiative is funded by $3 million in Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds, a grant awarded by Congress to each state’s governor to help address the effects of COVID-19 on education. North Carolina, like many states, experienced a significant increase in teacher vacancies after the pandemic. This investment will contribute to the state’s continued recovery by supporting future teachers at a critical point in their pursuit of an education career.

Madeleine Salazar, a third-grade teacher at Rashkis Elementary School in Chapel Hill, says she used the reimbursement to cover the cost of multiple state-required exams, taking the financial burden off her family.

“It’s difficult having two children as a single parent and having to pull out hundreds of dollars at a time,” says Salazar. “It’s nice knowing I can now use that money to replenish my own savings.”

Education students and teachers encouraged to apply!

Education students who are preparing for teaching license exams or teachers who have already taken exams dating back to July 2022 may qualify for up to $500 in vouchers or reimbursements. The program also helps with test preparation. To learn more or apply please visit TeachNC.org.

In less than a year, TeachNC has already awarded two-thirds of the allocated funds, with $1 million still available through September 2024, or until the funding is depleted.

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